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Thanks and glory to God, rich in love and grace! Thanksgiving Sunday service and online Ho
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On November 15th, the Thanksgiving Sunday, our church held a thanksgiving service and the Holy Communion. In the morning worship service, there was a video sermon by the Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee, entitled 쏷he Abundant Providence of God (Psalm 50:23). ...

A Series of Signs and Wonders that Couldn't Have Been Done through Human Ability! - People from 22 countries attended the Manmin Summer Retreat that was broadcast live via GCN TV

Manmin News   No. 348
August 18, 2013

While it was scorching hot and rained heavily in other areas, the 2013 Manmin Summer Retreat was held with Dr. Jaerock Lee (Photo 1) in cool weather. The original voice was given out and many kinds of signs, wonders, and powerful works overflowed in Seminars (Photo 4, 6), Field Day (Photo 5), and Camp Fire Worship & Praise (Photos 2, 3).

From August 5th to the 8th the 2013 Manmin Summer Retreat was held at the Deogyusan Resort in Muju, Jeonbuk Province under the theme of "Whole Spirit" (Hebrews 10:22). The retreat was live-broadcast by GCN TV ( Attendees from Korean branch churches in Masan, Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Cheonan together with people from 22 countries including the U.S., Israel, Kenya, Estonia, Switzerland, and India participated.
The Arrival Service was offered up with Mrs. Boknim Lee, President of Manmin Prayer Center at 1:30 P.M. on the first day. She told the members that only with the help of the Spirit can we achieve the heart of whole spirit. She added we must also receive the fullness of the Spirit through fire-like prayer. Then the attendees had time for praise and prayer.
This 2013 Manmin Summer Retreat was the first retreat with Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee in seven years since he had joined seven years ago, that is, in 2006. It was a series of signs and wonders that can't be accomplished by human power. In the evening on the first day at 7:30 P.M. Dr. Lee held a seminar. As the seminar started, large drops of rain poured upon the retreat local, but the members believed God's providence and listened to the message without moving. After a while, Dr. Lee prayed saying, "Rain, stop!" and asked God to give them good weather. Right then, the thick black clouds were washed away and shining stars began to be seen in the bright night sky.
Dr. Lee said, "This Summer Retreat is on the same page with 2013 Leadership Conference held in July, 2013. It is time for you to be tested over how you have shown the evidence of whole spirit; how you have become united as one with the heart of God; how much goodness you have achieved; and how faithfully you have worked." He went on to say, "God wants you to remember the grace given through the shepherd and realize the providence of God who wants to proclaim the power of the shepherd. God wants to receive the fragrance of the members who have come forth as the fruit of the shepherd." Then, the participants gave the praise of repentance and Dr. Lee prayed for the sick.
Many people experienced healing works and gave thanks and glory to the living God who was working on them. Some people who were blind and people with poor eyesight came to see well, the deaf came to hear and the crippled walked without wheelchairs and crutches. Their testimonies unceasingly continued. Many people testified to their healing cases of cancer, shingles, thyroid disease, and their pains. A GCN TV viewer was cured when she received Dr. Lee's prayer via GCN TV. She told her family members at the retreat venue and gave her testimony.
The Field Day was held at 9 A.M. on the second day. There were four teams: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Great Grand Parishes and the Branch Churches' Team. Dr. Lee prayed in the opening ceremony, "Cover the sun with thicker clouds and let the wind blow more strongly. Wind, blow! Let the light come." Then, God worked providing optimum weather.
Field Day started in full swing with the tug-of-war followed by rolling huge ad-balloons, the 100m dash, volley ball, an obstacle race, the long distance race, mini soccer, Korean wrestling, arm-wrestling, and the relay race. Amidst fervent cheering, the Championship went to the Branch Churches' Team. The Cheering Award went to 1st Great Grand Parish. MVPs were received by Brother Joon Oh from Gumi Manmin Church and Deaconess Soohyang Cha from 2nd Great Grand Parish.
The third day featured the Camp Fire Worship & Praise held at 8 P.M on a special stage in Jumping Park. All church members offered up the fragrance of praise with one heart that pleases God. They felt happy and joyous as if they were in a heavenly banquet and they enjoyed the festivity in the love of God.
In addition to this, each mission had its own events. Pastors, workers, and members from overseas countries had special seminars with Mrs. Boknim Lee, Pastors Heejin Lee, Heesun Lee, and Soojeong Crystal Kim. Most of all, the original voice was issued forth and all kinds of signs, wonders, and explosive powerful works were unfolded so that the members grew up in faith, attained the faith to stand on the rock of faith, and entered into the level of spirit and the whole spirit.




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