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A Divine Healing Meeting is streamed live to the whole world, A lot of healing testimonies
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A Divine Healing Meeting was held at Manmin Central Church during the Friday all-night service at 11 p.m. on March 29, 2024. This event was broadcast live around the world through GCN TV (, cable, YouTube, and the Internet. When Senior Pastor Soojin Lee prayed for the sick, many were healed of various diseases and fulfilled their heart셲 desires both in Korea and overseas, and sent their testi ...

Confession, a Book of Verses for Converting Souls!_The love of God and the Lord will touch your heart while reading it line by line

Manmin News   No. 377
March 9, 2014

Welcoming 2014 'The Year of Blessings', Dr. Jaerock Lee's 92nd book Confession has been published. The book has 100 poems that had been received from God in deep inspiration of the Spirit. They cause the readers to feel as though they are dated back to the Bible times.

Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church has published more than 90 books including his steady sellers Tasting Eternal Life before Death, The Message of the Cross, and Heaven I & II. With his books that have been translated into 57 languages, he has actively engaged in the literary ministry. He is also well-known worldwide as a revivalist who has conducted many overseas crusades such as in Uganda; Japan; Pakistan; Kenya; the Philippines; Honduras; India; Russia; Germany; Peru; DR Congo; New York, in the USA; Jerusalem, in Israel; and Estonia.

Confession is a collection of poems to awaken readers spiritually. The first chapter is entitled 'My Loving Father' which includes God's confession of love towards mankind and the love of the forefathers of faith who worked in the Old Testament time. This will cause readers to feel the love of God the Father who created man with His long-cherished desire and hope; the desire and hope He wants to share with people.

The second chapter, 'Lord, My Bridegroom', contains the professions of Jesus, who came to the earth as the Savior; John the Baptist who made ready for the way of the Lord; Peter and John who were the Lord's disciples; Mary Magdalene; and the Apostle Paul.

The last chapter 'Father, Lord, and I' contains the beautiful confession of Dr. Jaerock Lee who has missed God the Father and the Lord and it shows the deeds of his ardent love for the church members.

The book was published by Urim Books which spearheads the book ministry with prayer and dedication to shed the true Light all over the world. Urim Books is now receiving advance orders for the book on its website, Beginning on March 10, 2014, the book will be available in the Korean language in larger bookstores such as Kyobo Book Centre, Youngpoong Bookstore, Bandi & Lunis, Books Libro, Yes 24, and Aladdin.




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