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쏧 couldn셳 hear in the left ear for long but I can hear now!
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About 5 years ago, I left the church and became lukewarm. Meanwhile I developed acute arthritis on the left knee and had difficulty climbing a building without an elevator. Still less, the hearing on the left ear worsened due to the aftereffects of brain tumor surgery and I was diagnosed with hearing impairment at the end of 2023. Then, I began wearing a hearing aid. ...

Manmin's Active Literary Media Ministry in 61 Languages and Manmin News' 31st Anniversary

Manmin News   No. 592
May 20, 2018

Pictorial Report of the Literary Media Ministry for people of the whole world

Manmin News is published in 33 languages.

Manmin News, that has been leading people around the world to the way of salvation by delivering the word of life and powerful works, has just celebrated its 31st anniversary. Its first edition was published on May 17, 1987, and its English edition began publication and distribution in January 1991. In November 2012, the church's 30th year, an online edition was made available ( Now it is published in 33 languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and Hebrew.

This multilingual newsletter is issued in each language either weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly depending on the local demand and situation. It features Dr. Jaerock Lee's Word of Life, special articles that deal with a variety of topics on how to resemble the Lord, the testimonies of the church members who experienced God's love and power in and out of Korea and church news. The content has helped readers grow in faith, so the newspaper has been loved by them and used as material for evangelism.

Book ministry has been actively performed as well in Manmin.

Regardless of their denominations, countless pastors around the world have learned the will and heart of God and the love of the Lord embedded in the Bible by reading Dr. Lee's books, and they have also experienced the renewal of their hearts.

Dr. Lee offered up myriad times of fasting and prayer to receive the interpretation of the Bible, especially that of difficult passages. God answered his prayer and gave him the interpretation. Based on the interpretation, he has had 112 books published including The Message of the Cross that contains God's love and providence of salvation; The Measure of Faith; Heaven; Hell; Spirit, Soul, and Body; Love Is the Fulfilment of the Law; and There Is No Law Against Such Things. The books have been translated in 61 languages and 480 multilingual editions have guided people of all nations to the way of salvation.

Their e-books are available as well in Kyobo Book Centre, Ridi Books, and Interpark. The 518 multilingual editions in 58 languages are made available in the electronic format. They are distributed world-wide on kindle e-readers, iBooks, and Google Play Books.

The e-books of Dr. Lee's autobiography My Life My Faith, The Message of the Cross, The Measure of Faith, Heaven, Hell, Spirit, Soul, and Body in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian are available in which is the world leading book store.




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