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“Completely healed after 56 years of constipation!”
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Since my early 20’s, I have suffered constipation. Due to extreme stress, the symptoms of constipation sometimes lasted 7 or 15 days without any bowel movements. Administering enemas didn’t help and going to restroom was very painful to me. I’ve suffered 56 years. ...

“I’ve been healed of AIDS!”

Manmin News   No. 712
February 27, 2022

Ruth (Age 52, Kenya Nairobi Manmin Church)

I was living with the rent after renting out a small house. And I suffered a lot from a life full of sins and most of all I lived a miserable life with AIDS. It was hard to even walk, so I always lied down. Then, I gradually fell into depression. When my anger suddenly arose, I quarreled with the tenants.
The most heartbreaking thing is that my daughter was born with AIDS. I tried everything with my young daughter to cure AIDS but it was of no use.
Headache, chills, dizziness, stomach ulcers and other symptoms got worse, and I lost the hope of life due to severe stress. I suffered from more severe depression in despair.

My neighbor Elizabeth asked me to go to the church in March 2019 and I registered at Nairobi Manmin Church with my daughter Wambui(Age 19). One day, while listening to Rev. Myongho Chung’s sermon, I realized the endless love of Father God, and my life changed by His grace. After I repented of acting in a cold and rude manner, my heart turned into a warm heart by God’s love.
By the help of the Holy Spirit, my heart was changed and I lived a new life in the Lord. Then, I got the faith that I could be healed of AIDS by prayer.
In early 2021, my daughter and I received Rev. Myongho Chung’s prayer with the handkerchief of power(Acts 19:11-21) to be healed of AIDS. After that, we gained weight and the symptoms like headache, chills, dizziness and stomach ulcers disappeared, and all the pains were gone.
I always had to walk with someone else’s help due to leg pain, but now I can walk well by myself. I couldn’t wear shoes because my wounded feet didn’t heal due to AIDS, but the wounds healed so I can wear shoes. What I am more grateful for is that my daughter recovered her memory. Hallelujah!

With so much gratitude for God’s grace, I wanted to something for His glory. So, in last November, I decided to do my best to work voluntarily and evangelize people for the 21st anniversary of Nairobi Manmin Church. From the time I made up my mind, Father God not only kept my body in the best condition but also gave me peace, joy and financial blessings.
I am no longer a slave to sin and the world but the fruit of God and the Lord who love me with endless love and care. I would like to thank Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee who raises me with the holiness gospel and Rev. Myongho Chung who teaches me to obey the Word.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who is alive and healed me of AIDS with His limitless, great and amazing power.




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