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“God miraculously delivered me from the danger of death!”
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I want to testify to how God protected me from the danger of death. It has been four years since I was assigned to Bunia Ituri Operation as an army colonel. In the area, 8 armed rebels have taken over the territories, blocking government forces from approaching. The two tribes have always been at odds, and reconciliation has failed over and over again. ...

“I’ve met the living God here in India.”

Manmin News   No. 716
April 24, 2022

Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee praying for the sick with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12) at the Divine Healing Meeting.

Hypoxic brain damage


On March 13, my wife gave birth and the baby did not cry. Oxygen did not reach my baby’s brain, and he couldn’t open the eyes and didn’t move arms and legs.
The doctor said he was in critical condition and I had to move him to another bigger hospital. He was rushed to a large hospital and placed in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Earnestly wishing that God would save the baby, my wife and I searched for the prayer for the sick on YouTube, and Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer for the sick caught our eyes.
After receiving Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer for the sick in Hindi language, I called the Delhi Manmin Church and requested prayer for my baby.
Delhi Manmin Church staff explained to us why Jesus Christ is our Savior first. We repented of our idolatry and the sins that we realized through the Word, and accepted the Lord as our Savior. And in preparation for the Divine Healing Meeting, I attended the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting of Manmin Central Church in Seoul online and prayed.
On March 19, I received prayer from Pastor John Kim (In charge of Manmin Church in Delhi) with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12) through a video call, and on the 23rd, I attended the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting through Zoom service, and received prayer from Director Boknim Lee (Manmin Prayer Center).
Then, something amazing happened. My baby moved his arms and legs and opened his eyes. Hallelujah!
We thank God for healing our baby, and we are joining Manmin Central Church’s various worship services online through the YouTube GCNTV HINDI channel. I give all thanks and glory to the living God.

Inguinal hernia


Last January, Shivani(Age 6) suffered from stomach pain and was unable to eat well.
We took her to the hospital and had an ultrasound scan for her. We found that her intestines have been herniated. The doctor recommended medicine and injections, but we took her home to get healing with faith since we had seen many miracles through the prayer of Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee.
Rather, through Shivani’s suffering, our whole family looked back upon ourselves and repented, and we prayed for God’s grace by attending various worship services through the YouTube GCNTV HINDI channel. Along with this, we received the prayer from Pastor John Kim every day.
In preparation for the Divine Healing Meeting, we also attended the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting and prayed earnestly. Then, the swelling in Shivani’s abdomen decreased and she began to eat well.
As my family got united and prepared for the Divine Healing Meeting with faith, God was pleased with our actions, and He restored Shivani’s health. The ultrasound scan was done again, and it showed that she became okay. Hallelujah!

Whole body pain and other diseases


My family accepted the Lord as our Savior 15 years ago, but we’ve been suffering from diseases.
One day, while searching for prayer for the sick on YouTube, I came across Delhi Manmin Church. I called Delhi Manmin Church and asked for help on how to solve my family problem.
The Delhi Manmin Church staff delivered the sermon ‘The Message of the Cross’ by Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee, and encouraged me to join the worship service through the YouTube GCNTV HINDI channel. The staff also shared the testimonies of the members who met Manmin and found a happy family after solving their problems.
We listened to the Message of the Cross and attended worship services and received great grace. And after my whole family attended the Divine Healing Meeting in March and received prayer, the amazing works of God was revealed to each of us.
I had pain all over my body, including my joints, neck, and eyes, but after I received prayer, the pain completely disappeared.
In addition, after my daughter Radha(Age 32) had epilepsy at her age of 4 and had severe seizures, she became disabled and unable to take care of herself. I had to help her with her daily activities, such as eating and bathing. She could not speak or understand anything. However, after receiving prayer, she came to eat alone and has improved a lot, so my whole family is very happy.
My daughter-in-law, Anu(Age 27) has been suffering from pain in her hands, legs and body for the past 2 years and 6 months, so she has been unable to do her house chores properly. But after attending the Divine Healing Meeting, when she woke up, the pain was gone and she came to be able to do house chores.
My grandson Vansh(Age 3) couldn’t sleep well or eat well due to coughing for a month or two, but now he doesn’t cough anymore and eats and plays well.
We give all thanks and glory to the loving Father God who healed us from diseases and infirmities, and blessed us so that we can lead a proper Christian life.




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