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When they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, new believers are filled with joy and happiness because the problem of their sins is resolved and receive the Holy Spirit. ...

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Manmin News   No. 717
May?08, 2022

Bianca Acevedo (Age 35, Valencia Manmin Church, Venezuela)

I couldn셳 see well at night due to severe pain in the eyes and soreness for more than two months, but after I received the fire of the Holy Spirit while receiving prayer, I have no pain at all. I can see well at night now.

Douglas Vasquez(Age 53, Valencia Manmin Church, Venezuela)

I had bad pain to bend my back due to spinal problem. However, I received the fire of the Holy Spirit when I received prayer, and since then, I have had no pain at all to bend my back.

Anny Tuanama(Age 34, Peru Manmin Church)

I couldn셳 raise my left arm because it hurt from the shoulder to elbow, but after receiving prayer, the pain was gone. Now I can freely move it without any problem.

Hermino Carvajal(Age 56, Cerro de Pasco, Peru)

For last 4 years, I have been suffering from back pain and stomach ulcer. However, when I received prayer, I felt heat in my back and stomach, and then all the pains disappeared immediately.

Jose Alvarado(Age 46, Mazamari, Peru)

I have been suffering from kidney and spinal problems, but after receiving prayer, pains disappeared. I came to work well without feeling any inconvenience.

Luz Blanca Abregu(Age 34, Ica, Peru)

I couldn셳 sleep at night due to pain in my neck. But after I felt the burning fire of the Holy Spirit while receiving prayer, pains disappeared.

Liliana Usama(Age 29, Sogamoso, Colombia)

I had pain in the right side of my back, but it immediately disappeared when I received prayer. Now, I feel no pain when I bend my back and turn my body.

Rosa Quevedo(Age 73, Buenaventura, Colombia)

I couldn셳 sleep well for years due to joint pains all over my body. However, after receiving prayer, all the pains were gone. My whole body feels like flying now.




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