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“Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” The
New Update
On July 24, 2022, there was a service to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our church’s opening. In the Sunday Morning service, Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s video sermon entitled, ‘The History of Manmin’(Numbers 23:19) was aired, and in the Evening service, Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee preached the message entitled, “Your beginning was insignificant, but your end will increase greatly.”(Hebrews 11 ...

Harmony of Love, ‘The 2nd Family Praise Festival’

Manmin News   No. 720
June?19, 2022

At 1:30 pm on Sunday, May 15, ‘The 2nd Family Praise Festival’ was broadcast on GCN TV, mobile app, and KT Olleh TV Ch. 882.
This event, which was prepared by the Performing Arts Committee under the theme of ‘Family United in the Lord’ to celebrate Family Month, was attended by the family teams from home and abroad.
As a result, the grand prize was awarded to the family of Deacon Seongbeom Cho(The 2nd Chinese Parish), the gold prize went to the family of Deacon Seongcheol Maeng(The 2nd Chinese Parish), and the silver prize went to the family of Missionary Batzorig(Mongolia Manmin Church).
The popularity prize selected by the members’ voting through the link also went to the family of Missionary Batzorig.

▲ Deacon Seongbeom Cho who’s receiving the grand prize / Deacon Seongbeom Cho’s family

▲ Gold prize / Deacon Seongcheol Maeng’s family

▲ Silver & Popularity prize / Family of missionary Batzorig from Mongolia Manmin Church

▲ Misoon Yoon’s family

▲ Deacon Cheolguk Park’s family

▲ Deacon Donny Wii’s family from Malaysia Manmin Church

▲ Yonggeun Lee’s family

▲ Family of Deacon Alvin Bandahala / from Cavite Manmin Church, Philippines

▲ Deacon Uiwon Kim’s family

▲ Sangki Cho’s family

▲ Pastor Jinjoo Kim, MC




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