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“I feel like in Heaven after being healed of depression.”
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Since 2019, as my Christian life has loosened, I have given up all the given duties in the church and went to work. As I didn’t live my life of faith properly, I gradually lived like the worldly people, and I sometimes asked myself, ‘Why am I not punished? Am I an illegitimate child?’ ...

[Testimonies from the Divine Healing Meeting in May] “I was healed of Shingles!”

Manmin News   No. 721
July 03, 2022

Senior Deaconess Yinsook Jung(Age 55, the 12th Parish)

Since the beginning of May, I have suddenly had a pain in my right knee. At first I thought it was arthritis, but then a blister-like thing appeared and gradually spread to the top of the knee and went up to the thigh. When there was a tingling pain inside the skin, it made me say, ‘Ouch!’
In the meantime, while listening to the lectures on the book of Job, I discovered my changing and cunning mind. However, when I listened to the sermon at the divine healing meeting, I remembered how sad I felt about my family, and I realized that it was all my fault. After repenting thoroughly, I received the prayer with an earnest heart.
After that, the pain went away and the red blisters subsided. It’s clean now.




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