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I am waiting for the day God will burst into laughter Father, This son was slow to oratorical skill, Nor did I have good social skills. But You changed me, And made me a servant Who manifests the power of God. ...

Thanksgiving Sunday Service & Online Holy Communion

Manmin News   No. 732
December 11, 2022

In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, our church held Thanksgiving service and the Holy Communion on Sunday, November 20, 2022.
In the Sunday Morning Service, there was a video sermon by Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee entitled, 쁆od Fulfils (John 14:12-14), and in the Evening Service, the Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee preached the message entitled, 쁗e Have Eternal Life by Eating and Drinking His Flesh and Blood (John 6:53-55) and then officiated the Holy Communion.
The Holy Communion was held online through GCN ( The members in the Central Church and branch churches home and abroad attended with sincerity after preparing bread and grape juice that symbolize the flesh and blood of the Lord. They meditated on the love and great grace of the Lord through this time.
Meanwhile, the Catechism Ceremony was held on November 13 (Sunday) and the Baptism Ceremony was held on the 20 (Sunday).




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