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“I was healed of bronchial asthma that had plagued me for 67 years!”
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I suffered from whooping cough at 17. Since then, I have been short of breath and have always had a hard time waking up in the morning with phlegm stuck in my throat. ...

“Cold leg symptoms for 30 years have disappeared.”

Manmin News   No. 733
December 18, 2022

Deacon Myoungho Lee(Age 68, Chinese Parish)

30 years ago, I traveled to cold regions on a motorcycle for work in China. The weather was so cold that when I got off the motorcycle, I felt like both of my legs were frozen.
After that, I felt cold from both knees to ankles, as if ice had been put on them. My bones were cold and numb when the fan or air conditioner was on. In order to sleep, not only did I have to drink Soju to raise my body temperature before sleeping, but I had to live on an electric mat except in July and August.
Then, in April 2016, I read Manmin Central Church’s official newspaper, ‘Manmin News,’ which my wife brought, and received great grace and registered as a member of the church with my wife. We were very happy to have the confidence that this is the church that God of love has led as we saw the bright faces of the church members and listened to Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermons full of life.
In addition, my faith grew as I experienced the works of the Holy Spirit through Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer such as being healed of back disc, left knee rupture, corns, hemorrhoid, skin diseases and back pain, and my eyesight’s improving.
I attended the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting, held from November 7, prayed earnestly, and registered as a patient to get healed of chronic coldness in both legs through the divine healing meeting. On the 24th, I attended the ‘Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting’ for Chinese Parish, led by Boknim Lee, the director of Manmin Prayer Center, and I was filled with gratitude and joy as the Holy Spirit came upon me.
At last, at the divine healing meeting on November 25, when Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee prayed for the sick, I received the prayer with a sincere heart. Then, my whole body became hot and I sweat so much that I had to wipe it off with tissue paper.
After that, the cold leg symptom which I had suffered from for 30 years have completely disappeared. Now, there is no problem at all when I kneel on my knees, which I could not do for even more than 10 minutes. Hallelujah!




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