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Thanksgiving Sunday and Holy Communion
New Update
On November 19, 2023 Thanksgiving Sunday services were streamed live on GCN TV and YouTube and we gave thanks and glory to God for His abundant grace and blessing. ...

“Glory in Heaven, Joy and Peace on Earth!” 2022 Christmas Lighting Ceremony

Manmin News   No. 734
January 1, 2023

On December 9 (Fri) at 8 pm, our church held the ‘2022 Christmas Lighting Ceremony’, which was broadcast live on YouTube.
While pastors and workers who hope for heaven with faith in Jesus Christ and strive to resemble the Lord of love were gathering, Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee pressed the button, and colorful and beautiful lights embroidered the garden of the Senior Pastor’s residence brightly.

After the special performance by Deaconess Seungwon Seo of the Performing Arts Committee, Dr. Soojin Lee urged us saying, “The Lord’s birth is a special gift for us. The Lord, who is the promise of salvation and who gave us eternal life, has given us the promise of victory that we can overcome everything with hope for resurrection and heaven. In order to give comfort, joy, and impression to the Lord, we should resolve to change, be more faithful, and spread the love of the Lord.” After the Christmas Cake cutting, everyone greeted with “Merry Christmas!” and the event ended.
Meanwhile, the Friday All-night Service on December 23 was held as the ‘Christmas Eve Service’, and the performance entitled ‘Happy Christmas’ organized by the Performing Arts Committee was aired in the second part. Especially this year, members from Children’s Sunday School, Men’s and Women’s Mission, Students’ Sunday School, Young Adults Mission, and Canaan Mission participated in praise, performance, worship, and etc., and they gave thanks and glory to the Father God of love, rejoicing in the birth of Jesus who came to this earth for us and opened the way to salvation for all people.
The Sunday Morning Service on December 25, Christmas, was offered as the “Christmas Celebration Service,” and the “2023 New Year Service” was offered from 10 pm on December 31 (Sat).




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