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I was completely healed of otitis media in 66 years!
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I have suffered otitis media for 66 years from the age of 8. One day in my childhood, I felt water entering into the right ear in shampooing. Since then, I started itching in it, and pus and fluid oozed out. In 1950s Korea was faced with war and economic difficulty and I could never dare go to hospital while living in a countryside. ...

“As God’s Word changed my life, diseases such as arthritis and plantar fasciitis were healed!”

Manmin News   No. 736
February 05, 2023

Maria Lelis Pava Cortes (Age 64, Colombia Manmin Church)

In early 2022, I got COVID vaccine. That night, I couldn’t sleep properly because of pain in my legs and feet. The next morning, when I woke up, my right foot hurt so much that I couldn’t stand properly. It was hard to walk without a cane. In addition, I couldn’t move my thumb well, and I didn’t have strength enough to eat, and my back hurt, too.
When I was examined in the hospital, it was ‘finger arthritis’ and ‘plantar fasciitis’, and ‘muscle spasm’ due to vaccine side effects. According to the doctor’s prescription, I received physical therapy and medicine to relieve pain, but I didn’t take the medicine. Instead, I prayed earnestly for healing at the divine healing. But, as I couldn’t receive answers through the divine healing meeting in January and March, two times, I was discouraged. However, through the sermon, God’s grace began to come upon me.
Dr. Soojin Lee, Acting Senior Pastor’s lectures on the book of Job were like the water of life that pierced my heart and washed my spiritual eyes.
In this way, through the sermons, I discovered myself that I did not know before, and I repeatedly said, “I am Job. I was Job’s friends. I was the one who misunderstood and complained about the good God and suffered myself.” The more I listened to the sermons, the more I was filled with tears and repentance, and I was grateful that she helped me realize the hidden evil.
I listened to the lectures on Job over and over again and washed my heart. Then, after receiving prayer through the divine healing meeting in May, my condition improved a lot. I came to be able to walk without a cane, and the pain was significantly reduced. After the Manmin Summer Retreat in August, I got better and was able to housework as well as school work. I’m a teacher in a school near Bogota, the capital of Colombia.
Most of all, I am grateful for the fact that I have grown spiritually by discovering my dark evils through the Word of God.
Through the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s video sermons entitled, ‘Voice and Guidance of the Holy Spirit’, I was able to discover and cast off the fleshly thoughts that hindered me from being completely healed.
Finally, on September 30, after receiving the prayer for the sick at the divine healing meeting, I was completely healed. My thumb arthritis was cured and I can move my fingers freely, so I can do anything. Plantar fasciitis and back pain were also fully healed. Hallelujah!
Now that fleshly thoughts have disappeared from my daily life, my tone and expression have changed. Seeing my change in the Lord, my students also improved their grades and behavior, and other teachers are envious of me.
My daughter’s faith has also grown and she feels God’s limitless love, so the whole family is happy. Being raised by the precious gospel of holiness, I am grateful in any situation, and I am always at peace as I attend the Daniel prayer meeting and pray every day.
I want to spread the holiness gospel to many souls and share the blessings God has given to me. I give all thanks and glory to the Triune God who guides me with the Word of life and the power of the Holy Spirit.




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