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Colombia Manmin Church셲 11th Anniversary, Online service with Pastor Mikyung Lee
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At 9 am on Monday, May 1 (7 pm local time on Sunday, April 30), the President of the Pastor셲 Association, Pastor Mikyung Lee, was the guest speaker at the 11th anniversary service of Columbia Manmin Church. ...

The 31st United Holiness Seminary Graduation Ceremony and the 16th MIS (Manmin International Seminary) Graduation Ceremony

Manmin News   No. 739
March 19, 2023

On February 16 at 2 pm, the 31st United Holiness Seminary graduation ceremony and the 16th MIS (Manmin International Seminary) graduation ceremony was held.
The ceremony was presided by elder Johnny Kim, professor of United Holiness Seminary, and after the representative prayer by Professor Geumsun Bin and a special song by Deaconess Seungwon Seo, the principal Pastor Shinhyun Moon gave a sermon entitled 쏬et us become the masterpiece of God (Prov. 16:2-3).
After that, the presider셲 academic progress report, the presentation of the diploma, the presentation of the chairman셲 plaque, the reading of a letter of thanks from the valedictorian, the benediction, and the closing followed.
This year셲 MIS (Manmin International Seminary) produced graduates from Russia, Moldova, and Armenia.




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