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[Special] The kind of person who does not circumcise the heart
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[Feature Story] ‘Self-Righteousness’ that you insist your moral is superior to others

Manmin News   No. 739
March 19, 2023

There are the worldly righteousness, which is certainly against the will of God, and the self-righteousness formed on the foundation of the truth.
The reason why it is not easy to discover self-righteousness is because those who have extensive knowledge of the truth and the faith to practice the truth to some extent may have formed it.
Since they can bear fruit in their duties, they are apt to overestimate their level of faith. Without noticing it, they think that their ideas are right and their actions are right.
We should realize that most people with strong self-righteousness will break peace, and look out for arrogance from this self-righteousness.

What shall we do in order to look out for arrogance from ‘self-righteousness’?

If you only accumulate the words of God by knowledge but do not fulfill them by keeping them in mind, you will have arrogance without knowing. So, you should always try to listen to what people around you say.
Otherwise, in the thought that you know the truth, you cannot discover yourself even while saying and doing things that are not appropriate to the truth. Therefore, no matter how right it seems to be right to you, if others say no, you should think it over and check it with prayer.

It is also necessary to think from the perspective of a third party when something happens. You can discern things when you look at them objectively. However, if it happens to you, you may act within self-righteousness and you cannot see your arrogance.

Self-righteousness shown in our daily lives

“Not following order”
We should look back to see if we are breaking order because of our longing for spiritual things. The kingdom of God has been established accurately according to order, so we should be able to obey in accordance of order. If you say, “I’m more experienced. I’m more capable,” you cannot obey the order. Even if the superior is worse than you, when you serve and obey him from your heart, you will try to accomplish God’s work better helping that superior, and then, God will work together for good seeing your obedience.

“Selfish motives’ and ‘an excessive zeal’
You should keep in mind that the duty entrusted in the Lord is to accomplish the kingdom of God, not for self-esteem, honor, or benefit. Even if someone else is given credit and praised, you should be willing to give in if it can make the kingdom of God accomplished greater. However, if you don’t yield as if its your own, if you want your achievement to be revealed, and if you’re upset when no one recognizes your work, it is the selfish motive and excessive zeal.

“The heart that values yours more.”
You should get rid of the heart that you value your own family more, and consider your own things more valuable and important. Because you have that kind of heart, you cannot consider others better than yourself and you cannot yield to others. Because you want to fit everything to your own standard, you cannot embrace others with a broad mind, understand or forgive others. Looking back on how much we thought of others first, we should be able to choose right if others want to choose left.




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