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“My broken bones and tendons were recovered and made well!”
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On Saturday, November 28, 2020, I came across a climbing accident. I was calling the phone in climbing and stumbled on a root. Afterwards I developed a severe pain in the left shoulder and could not move the left arm. I thought I had a mere muscle ache. ...

“After spraying the Muan Sweet Water, the swollen wound with pus has become clean.”

Manmin News   No. 740
April 02, 2023

Sr. Deaconess Hyuncho Bang (Age 60, the 15th Parish)

In early 2022, I got a wart-like thing on my left forearm, but I didn’t have any discomfort. However, on December 31, the area started to itch, and I kept scratching it, so I put a bandage on it the next day.
In the evening of January 2, 2023, after Daniel prayer meeting, I came home and took off the bandage. When I opened it, it was pus-filled and red and swollen. I sprinkled the Muan sweet water on the would and went to sleep.
The next day, the would was throbbing, so after the Daniel prayer meeting, I sprinkled the Muan sweet water and received the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s recorded prayer for the sick. Then, from the next day, the would got better and became clean. Hallelujah!
I was so amazed to see the affected area subside and get healed after spraying the Muan sweet water, and I felt the love of the loving God the Father and was happy. Father God, Lord, I love you!




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