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“I’m so glad that I can wear sneakers without pain now!”
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It happened in 2020. One day it looked like a thorn got stuck in the right middle toe and I looked into it closely. But nothing was found there. The pain got worse with the passing of time and later I couldn’t bear whenever my toes touched anything. ...

[Healed of autism] “I give thanks to God for healing my nephew of autism!”

Manmin News   No. 741
April 16, 2023

Brother Wesley Gonzalez(Age 31, Chile)

When my nephew Sebastian, who lives in Callao, Peru, was unable to speak a word even at the age of three, his parents felt something was wrong and went to the hospital for a check-up. He was diagnosed with autism and his doctor said that Sebastian would live the rest of his life with autism. Understandably, all the family were shocked and saddened by the news. When I heard it, I consulted with my wife and decided to attend the Divine Healing Meeting and receive prayer on my nephew’s photo. After letting them know it, my wife and I prayed earnestly and prepared for the Meeting.

On November 25, 2022, we attended the Divine Healing Meeting via YouTube and I placed the handkerchief of God’s power on his photo and received Pastor Soojin Lee’s prayer for the sick by faith (Acts 19:11-12). Since then, my nephew began talking and even expressed his desire to go to bathroom. Now he doesn’t need to wear a diaper any longer. Sebastian can distinguish objects, colors and numbers, and is attending kindergarten. I give all thanks and glory to the God of love who healed my nephew of autism.




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Manmin News, Manmin, Manmin Church, Manmin Central Church, Jaerock Lee, Jaerock, drLee