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“Our Lord Jesus Christ is the firstfruits of resurrection!” The 2023 Easter Performance was full of joy and hope!

Manmin News   No. 742
April 30, 2023

On Sunday, April 9, Manmin Central Church held and broadcasted live the “2023 Easter Performance” on media platforms including GCN TV(
During the morning service, Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee preached a sermon titled ‘Resurrection’ (Acts 1:11). In the message she explained that through the Lord’s resurrection our spirit that had been dead because of our sins came to revive for us to become children of God and our body that had been doomed to die and perish came to have eternal life. Pastor Lee urged everyone to eat and drink the flesh and blood of the Son of Man to possess true faith, gain eternal life and yearn for the Lord who will return.

Afterwards, Pastor Soojin Lee officiated the holy communion. Many members at home and overseas attended the communion online with bread and grape juice that symbolize Christ’s flesh and blood. It was a time to reminisce and give thanks for the Lord’s sacrifice.

Pastor Mikyung Lee, president of the Pastors’ Association, delivered a sermon for the evening service also titled ‘Resurrection’ (John 11:25-26). The second part of the evening service featured the Easter Performance under the theme ‘The Lord of Resurrection.’
The Easter Performance was an artistic musical centered on the Lord’s suffering on the cross and resurrection, consisting of biblical drama, choir, special praise and dance. While Pastor Soojin Lee leading the special praise, members present at the church and those watching online praised together to glorify the Lord of resurrection with gratitude and joy.
The Easter Performance began with a video depicting the Passion Week and Jesus’ fulfillment of the providence of salvation through the Crucifixion, accompanied with the choir’s ‘Via Dolorosa.’ The first part of performance was a biblical drama of Jesus’ suffering and special praise themed with the love of the cross. The second part was portraying the Lord’s resurrection along with special praise themed with the joy and hope of resurrection. This performance moved many to tears and enhanced their belief in resurrection (See Page 4).




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