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“I’m so glad that I can wear sneakers without pain now!”
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It happened in 2020. One day it looked like a thorn got stuck in the right middle toe and I looked into it closely. But nothing was found there. The pain got worse with the passing of time and later I couldn’t bear whenever my toes touched anything. ...

“My son was unable to speak or walk due to a rare disease, Wilson’s disease, but he can talk and walk well now!”

Manmin News   No. 747
July 09, 2023

Brother Mantu Kumar (Age 38, Delhi Manmin Church, India)

My son Muna Kumar (age 14) was born normally and grew up well until 7 like other children.
However, one day in 2016, seven years ago abnormal symptoms appeared to my son. He trembled his hands, and since then he gradually had difficulty speaking and drooled. He could not eat by himself and often fell down to the ground.

His abnormal symptoms worsened day by day, so I brought him to many hospitals for examination. But the cause couldn’t be found. He ended up not walking and speaking, so he had no choice but to drop out of school.

In March 2022, my son was finally diagnosed as Wilson’s disease at a large hospital in Patna, the state of Bihar in northeastern India. I went to work in the state of Goa in southwestern India to pay for my son’s hospital bills, but I could not afford with what I earned.

My son’s condition went worse because he didn’t get a chance for medical treatment. I was at a great loss in front of such a devastating reality that I couldn’t even see the slightest hope.

One day in September of that year, I visited a church in the state of Goa and heard the good news of the Lord. The pastor said that the Lord answers the prayers of the children of faith and heals them. Accordingly, I accepted Jesus Christ with a joyful heart, and later began looking for a church where my son could be healed.

In February 2023, while searching YouTube, I came across many videos of healing works through prayers at the GCNTV HINDI channel. I was so glad that I called the contact number listed thereon right away. Hearing detailed explanation from the phone, I came to hope that my son could be healed, and gave thanks to God.

My whole family registered in Delhi Manmin Church, and through GCNTV HINDI, we started attending services of Manmin Central Church.

Through Senior Pastor Jaerock Lee’s sermons on ‘Hell’ in the Sunday Morning Service and Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee’s sermons on ‘The Book of Job’ in the Sunday Evening Service, we came to grasp the will of God and have faith. In prayers, I occasionally saw visions of my son being healed.

We continued attending the services and my son received Senior Pastor’s prayer for the sick via GCNTV HINDI, and something miraculous happened to him.

My son used to spill food and I had to help him eat, but now he could eat well by himself without anyone else’ help. He had not been able to say anything, but now he called me “Dad!”

I had never heard him say to me “Dad” for years, and I will never forget that thrilling moment when he spoke, “Dad!” Hallelujah!

On May 26, 2023, we attended the Divine Healing Meeting during Friday All-night Service of Manmin Central Church and he received Pastor Soojin Lee’s prayer for the sick. After that, my son, who used to fall often, came to walk around without falling. Not only that, but he stood up and said “Hello!” waving at a worker from Delhi Manmin Church when I had a video call with her. All there were so happy!

Furthermore, I had severe pain due to aftereffects of the leg fracture surgery before, but after receiving Senior Pastor’s prayer for the sick, the pain was gone and now I can run well.

I give all thanks and glory to the Lord who first came to me who was in sorrow and despair because I could not obtain enough money for my son’s medical treatment, and who healed him of a rare disease.

1. An amount of copper was 2 to 3 times more than the normal level in the urine.
2. Findings are compatible with Wilson’s disease.

‘Wilson’s disease’ is an autosomal recessive inherited disease in which copper is deposited in the liver, brain, cornea, kidney, and red blood cells due to abnormal copper metabolism. Symptoms of copper accumulation appear to children 5 to 15 old years, and it is a rare chronic liver disease for which early diagnosis and treatment are important.




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