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“I’m so glad that I can wear sneakers without pain now!”
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It happened in 2020. One day it looked like a thorn got stuck in the right middle toe and I looked into it closely. But nothing was found there. The pain got worse with the passing of time and later I couldn’t bear whenever my toes touched anything. ...

“I was healed of shingles”

Manmin News   No. 747
July 09, 2023

Deaconess Bongjoo Ji (Age 61, Parish 9 in Manmin Central Church)

On April 20 of 2023, I had some soreness and pain in my right thigh. I thought little of it, but on May 8, the area became red and small blisters developed.

I went to a hospital and diagnosed with shingles. I took medicine as prescribed, but I didn’t get better and symptoms worsened.

From that day, I attended a Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting, and earnestly prayed to be healed of shingles by God.

In prayers, I repented of not having relied on God and threw away medicine with faith. I should have completely relied on God if I believed in the Almighty God. I felt very sorry for not that. But I thanked God for He gave me a chance to examine my faith and would work for the good for me.

After that, I felt at peace and happy. I came to believe that God would heal me and continued to spray Muan Sweet Water on the shingles affected area with prayers. Then, the blisters gradually subsided and became thick and sticky, and the red skin turned flesh-colored.

A few days later, my parish pastor prayed for me with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12) and I was quickly and completely healed. Hallelujah!

I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who led me to examine my faith and worked together to achieve good for me.




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