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Those having fellowship with God
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How happy you would be when your child empathizes with you and shares sincere love with you! It is the same with God who is Light. He wants us to walk in the Light and share intimate fellowship with Him as His loving child. Those who walk in the Light can share lovely exchanges with God forever, so we need every effort to come forth as His true children who can understand His heart and share everlasting lo ...

The Construction of Grand Sanctuary Is the Vision of Manmin!

Manmin News   No. 752
October?15, 2023

Grand Sanctuary symbolizes the fulfillment of human cultivation

The Temple of Jerusalem was built by King Solomon and it was possible through his father King David, a man after God셲 heart. King David loved God so much and made every preparation for building the Temple. But God let it built during the reign of his son Solomon because David shed a lot of blood in the war.
Who then is worthy of building the Grand Sanctuary to complete human cultivation in the end time? It can be constructed by God셲 children who have achieved sanctification with a sincere heart and complete faith and made a sanctuary of their heart.
Therefore, the Grand Sanctuary is a symbol of fulfilling God셲 plan of human cultivation and commemorating His victory, and will comfort His heart. It also means that God gains many children of God who are qualified to build the Grand Sanctuary on this earth.

A circular building 600 meters in diameter with its cross-shaped roof, which automatically opens and closes

The Grand Sanctuary is circular-shaped and has the twelve outer big pillars. The distance from one pillar to another pillar facing each other is 600 meters in diameter. The underground depth is 20 meters and the height above ground is 40 meters. The overall height of the building is 60 meters and a 10-meter cross tower is built at the top of the building. So, the total height of the Grand Sanctuary is 70 meters. The circular roof of the Grand Sanctuary automatically opens and closes in cross shape.

Twelve large pillars represent the foundation stones of New Jerusalem

Twelve large pillars surround the outermost, and there are seven small pillars between each larger pillar, making a total of 96 pillars.
The twelve large pillars are made of milky-clear marble, and on the head of those pillars are carved beautiful flowers. The flowers have five petals and the stamens are encrusted with shining jewels which symbolize the twelve foundation stones of the city of New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:19-20). When they are illuminated, they emit multi-colored brilliance and make us feel celestial beauty.

Patterns of the seven small pillars symbolize the Creation

The seven small pillars between each large pillar of the Grand Sanctuary symbolize God셲 completion of the plan of human cultivation through the Grand Sanctuary.
The first pillar is decorated with dazzling lights across thereon like luminous gem shines even in the dark and like a rainbow reflects various colors of light through a prism, and it represents that God said 쏬et there be light on the first day of Creation.
On the second pillar are the decorations and patterns that symbolize the process of the second day of Creation: God made the expanse, and separated the waters below the expanse from the waters above the expanse.
The sculptures on the third to sixth pillars represent what God created from the third day to the sixth day: beautiful plants are carved on the third pillar; the sun, the moon, and stars on the fourth; various fish and birds on the fifth; and the figures of Adam and Eve as well as livestock are carved on the sixth pillar.
The seventh pillar expresses the heart of God who rested on the seventh day after creating the heavens and the earth and all things in them. The glory and beauty of the holy God cannot be fully expressed through earthly things, but various beautiful patterns of gold and all kinds of precious stones are carved for its expression.
The specific contents of the seven pillars are concerning the lights of power granted by God in red, blue, white, and gold. The upper part of it represents the light of glory and the original light of creation. The most beautiful and bright white light illuminates various decorations and patterns throughout the pillars.

Twelve gates remind us of the Pearl Gates of New Jerusalem

There are twelve huge gates between the twelve large pillars of the Grand Sanctuary. Each gate opens on the both side, and there are two angels carved, one on each side, the size of the door. It is like the angels guarding the gates of New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:12-13).
Scriptures on the City of New Jerusalem are engraved on the walls between the gates, and believers who read the Scriptures are filled with the hope for New Jerusalem that is exceedingly beautiful and shining.




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