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쏧 was healed of bronchial asthma that had plagued me for 67 years!
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I suffered from whooping cough at 17. Since then, I have been short of breath and have always had a hard time waking up in the morning with phlegm stuck in my throat. ...

Spiritual change, healing, and receiving answers by the amazing power

Manmin News   No. 752
October 15, 2023

Pastor Mark Bazalev | Representative of World Holiness Center, USA

In February 2005, I first encountered Manmin Central Church셲 ministry at an NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) held in Los Angeles. At that time, I was trying to live a sanctified life as a Christian.
When I heard the gospel of holiness through Dr. Jaerock Lee셲 messages, I was very happy at the teachings that a method of sanctification is not abstract but practical and detailed and we can apply the word of God to our real life. It agreed with the teaching of sanctification I had pursued and taught me in detail how to become sanctified.
In July of 2006, New York Crusade was held at Madison Square Garden with Dr. Jaerock Lee as the speaker, which was so amazing and touching to me. The crusade brough great influence later.
Manmin Central Church셲 ministry did not only spread the gospel of holiness but showed amazing works of power as well so that many people were transformed by the Word and received healing and answers.
In September of 2017 I experienced God셲 great and amazing power. I was protected from the danger of Hurricane Irma by the power of the living God. Hurricane Irma was said to be incredibly powerful. Most people evacuated to other areas and stores and gas stations were closed, and the city was empty.
The hurricane was said to pass through Northport, Florida I lived in. Not a few pastors and church leaders in the United States sent prayer requests to Dr. Jaerock Lee and he earnestly prayed for us. I trusted his prayer and stayed at the World Holiness Center without fleeing. Many people told me I should also flee, but I was certain of a miracle without any doubt.
Suddenly electric power went out and the internet was cut off. Only phone calls were available. At that time a miracle finally occurred and Irma which was passing through Naples, Florida, suddenly changed its course and its power rapidly weakened, allowing us to be protected. Hallelujah!
This enlightened me what it means to believe and trust in God and I was able to build my ministry firmly on faith.
I thank the Lord for leading me to meet Dr. Jaerock Lee and Manmin Central Church. Through this my family and my ministry have received many blessings and have borne much fruit for the kingdom of God.
The gospel of holiness saves souls, strengthens them, changes families, brings revival to churches, and transforms nations and peoples. I am very happy to participate in the ministry of spreading this precious gospel around the world.




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