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Pastor Soojin Lee is inaugurated as Manmin Central Church’s second senior pastor and decla
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Manmin Central Church held an inauguration service for the second senior pastor at the Grand Ballroom of 63 SQUARE in Yeouido, Seoul at 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 24. ...

“Lord, You came to this earth for us! We thank You! We love You!” Christmas Lighting Ceremony 2023

Manmin News   No. 757
December 31, 2023

At 8 PM on Friday, December 8, 2023, the ‘Christmas Lighting Ceremony 2023’ was held at the garden adjacent to the house of worship in the Senior Pastor’s residence and broadcast live on YouTube.
It was attended by those who belong to Performing Arts Committee and have participated in special songs, dances, or performances and served as staff in the worship services and major events. Scarcely had Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee buttoned the switch when colorful lights covered the garden so much beautifully.

Praise leader Deaconess Moda Seungwon Seo and Brother Power Kwonneung Yoon gave a special song and Pastor Soojin Lee delivered a message. Pastor Lee said, “Jesus, who is blameless and sinless, came to this earth in the flesh and died on the cross and opened the way of salvation so that our sins might be washed away and we enter the beautiful heaven. So, on this Christmas I ask you to make up your mind once again to love God first of all and abide in the Light and truth.”
She cut the Christmas-commemorating cake into pieces and said “Merry Christmas” to all brothers and sisters of Manmin all over the world.




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