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Pastor Soojin Lee is inaugurated as Manmin Central Church’s second senior pastor and decla
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Manmin Central Church held an inauguration service for the second senior pastor at the Grand Ballroom of 63 SQUARE in Yeouido, Seoul at 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 24. ...

“Be a righteous person who has God-pleasing faith” Benediction for all members in the New Year Service 2024

Manmin News   No. 759
January 28, 2024

Manmin Central Church gave God New Year Service 2023 ~ 2024 at 11 PM on December 31, 2023 and welcomed the New Year 2024. It was streamed live on GCN TV and via YouTube and translated into 8 languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Mongolian, and Vietnamese. It was also translated into many local languages including Hindi at each place of worship and into sign languages.
Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee delivered a message titled with “The Righteous Shall Live by Faith” and explained about the first church prayer title for New Year 2024.

She said in her message, “God is pleased with the righteous who don’t look at realities but look to what they long for with faith by relying on God’s words. They have spiritual faith and obey God’s will in action.” She also talked and blessed, “In this new year you may look at everything with the eyes of faith and rely on God’s covenant so that you can not only experience His works that make the impossible possible but reveal His great and amazing works by attaining to the faith of a righteous person He awaits and expects to gain.”
After delivering the message, she laid her hands on the prayer titles all church members around the world had already submitted and prayed for them. Then, praise leader Moda Suh and Male Chorus sang inspiring songs and Worship Dance team showed powerful dance under the auspice of Performing Arts Committee.
The four church prayer titles all members will have to accomplish in this new year are as follows: “The Righteous Shall Live by Faith” (Romans 1:17), “Be of Sober Spirit” (1 Peter 5:8-9), “Moving into a New Sanctuary” (Joshua 14:12) and “Fiery Works of the Holy Spirit” (Mark 16:15-20).
This year Manmin Central Church will continue to spread the living God and Jesus Christ to every corner of the earth through the fivefold gospel of holiness and manifestation of powerful works by the fiery works of the Holy Spirit so that God’s plan for the salvation of all nations will be fulfilled.




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