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Those having fellowship with God
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How happy you would be when your child empathizes with you and shares sincere love with you! It is the same with God who is Light. He wants us to walk in the Light and share intimate fellowship with Him as His loving child. Those who walk in the Light can share lovely exchanges with God forever, so we need every effort to come forth as His true children who can understand His heart and share everlasting lo ...

[Special Feature_Ministry] Pastor Jaerock Lee’s life Featured with works of faith And the walking with God

Manmin News   No. 760
February 11, 2024

On April 17, 1974,
he miraculously met God
at the door of death

Pastor Jaerock Lee had wandered at the threshold of death for 7 years due to various diseases. On April 17, 1974, he was guided by his second eldest sister at a divine healing meeting. When he got down on his knees, he was completely healed of all his diseases and accepted the Lord.
He began reading the Bible diligently and tried to live according to God’s will. He was so thirsty for God’s words that he attended many revival meetings and obeyed whatever will of God he understood. He fasted as often as possible, cried out in prayers, and threw away sins to the point of shedding blood so as to abide in truths completely.
Finally, he was called as a servant of the Lord and entered a seminary. He devoted himself to the Word and prayers and prepared to found a church, dreaming of becoming a witness of the Lord who would spread the gospel to the ends of the earth and lead countless souls to the path of salvation according to God’s vision and Jesus Christ’s Great Commission.

On July 25, 1982,
he opened a church and
it grew to be a congregation
of 10,000 in 9 years

On July 25, 1982, the founding service was offered to God at a small building of 66 square meters and attended by 13 believers including children.
He completely believed in the signs and wonders recorded in the Bible because he encountered the living God at the door of death, and he cried out in prayers every day to proclaim God the Creator and our Savior Jesus Christ with great power and to lead as many souls to salvation as possible. As that result, the gift of healing and the power of God were given to him; many people from all over the country were healed of all kinds of diseases and signs and wonders were manifested at church events.
On October 10 of that year, about 100 people gathered and offered establishing service. As an imitator of early churches, they gathered every day, and broke the bread of truths and prayed fervently so that the church made a great revival. Its registered members numbered 3,000 in January of 1987 and 10,000 in March of 1991.
Since the founding of the church, he was active in book ministry and broadcasting ministry. His testimonial memoir Tasting Eternal Life before Death was published in April 1987, and a church newsletter Manmin Joong-ang News (Currently renamed to Manmin News) was printed in May that same year. His testimony was dramatized and broadcast by Christian Broadcasting System and he appeared on the program ‘Renew Us’ in August. He was invited as a speaker to many revival meetings and his sermons were broadcast via many domestic and overseas radio stations. Then, many pastors gathered to listen to secrets of church revival.

In July 1991, he formed
a new denomination and
actively performed domestic
and overseas ministries

In July 1991, he founded the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ by God’s guidance and took the lead in national evangelization and world mission. He was appointed as Permanent Chairman of Christianity World Revival Mission Association, Practical Chairman of Liberation’s 50th Anniversary Nation’s Unification Jubilee Crusade, and president of many religious organizations and played an important part in nationwide religious events.
In 1993, Manmin Central Church was selected as one of the World’s Top 50 churches by U.S. magazine Christian World, and in 1996 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity and Ph. D. in Ministry.
In May 1993, a Two-week Consecutive Special Revival Meeting was held and many were healed and experienced the Spirit’s fiery works. The church laid the foundation in world mission by conducting crusades in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Hawaii of USA, Tanzania, Japan, and Argentina. In addition, believers’ faith grew rapidly and its registered members exceeded 30,000 in 1994.

In 2000s, he was recorded
as a worldwide revivalist,
and spread the holiness gospel
via TV, books, newsletter, etc.

In March 2000, a biblical miracle occurred through his prayer: salty water on Muan’s beach was made sweet. And amazingly, healing works happened to those who used the water with faith. God’s powerful works also occurred through his prayer recorded on ARS (Automatic Response System) or handkerchiefs he prayed on (Acts 19:11-12) or when they received his prayer online or when he laid his hand on their photos transcending time and space.
Since 2000 he had conducted mega-sized overseas crusades in dozens of countries. In July 2000, ‘Uganda Holy Gospel Crusade’ was reported on CNN, a global cable news channel, and through ‘Pakistan Miracle Healing Crusade’ he led in October, the holiness gospel was proclaimed in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the door to Middle East mission was opened.
In June of 2001, ‘Kenya Holy Gospel Crusade’ was broadcast on a government-run TV and many diseases including AIDS were healed, and in September, he led ‘Philippine Spark of Revival Crusade’ in the Philippines whose people were Catholics more than 90%. In 2002, ‘Honduras Miracle Healing Crusade’ brought ‘Hurricane Jesus’ to Honduras and Latin America by the works of the Holy Spirit, and ‘India Miracle Healing Prayer Festival’ brought approximately 3 million in total to the Marina Beach and many were healed and accepted the Lord.
In 2003, ‘Russia Miracle Healing Festival’ was broadcast live to over 150 countries around the world through satellites. In 2004, ‘Germany Christian Cultural Festival’ paved a road to spread the holiness gospel in Europe, and ‘Peru Healing Crusade’ was successfully held with active support of political, press, and religious leaders including the president.
In 2006, he led ‘DR Congo Miracle Healing Festival’ under the government’s active support and it was attended by more than 700,000, and filled with countless biblical miracles. He conducted ‘New York Crusade’ at Madison Square Garden in New York of USA and it was broadcast live to more than 200 countries via Daystar, TBN Russia, Cosmo Vision, and GCN TV, in which many powerful works happened by his prayer; the blind came to see, the deaf began to hear, and those who could not walk came to walk.

In July 2007, he began his three-year Israeli ministry in Galilee and spread the holiness gospel throughout the State of Israel including Eilat, the southernmost region. In September 2009, ‘International Multi-Cultural Festival’ was held at ICC (International Convention Center) in Jerusalem and he proclaimed Jesus Christ is the Messiah and our Savior.
Many were healed and gave glory to God. This event was featured on world-renowned press including AFP and Reuters and broadcast live to approximately 220 countries via 33 TV stations including Daystar, En Lace, and TBN Russia.
In October 2010, he led ‘Korean Cultural Festival in Estonia’ in Tallinn and it brought the largest number of people in Estonian Christian history. Many were healed and accepted the Lord.
In January 2000, Manmin TV was launched and his TV ministry became active. In May 2004, GCN (Global Christian Network) was organized and he was inaugurated as Chairman of GCN. Afterwards, GCN USA was launched and began broadcasting his sermon via channel 17 of New York.
In 2004, WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) was organized and led international Christian medical conferences at many world-famous cities. And MIS (Manmin International Seminary) led pastors’ seminars in many countries. These two organizations laid the firmer foundation in world mission.
In addition to miraculous healing works, Pastor Jaerock Lee’s ministry was accompanied with signs and wonders: the best weather during summer retreats, appearance of extraordinary rainbows, swarms of dragonflies, eradications of newly-founded diseases including foot-and-mouth disease, swine flu, and Ebola virus, weakening and dying out of typhoons, and rainfall after a long drought. He manifested so many miracles and powerful works that he could prove the Bible is true and confirm God is alive and Jesus Christ is the only Savior.
In his early days of faith, he clung to God with many fasts and fervent prayers to have the knowledge of God’s will before opening a church. God answered him and explained to him about many spiritual truths contained in the Scriptures so that he spread the holiness gospel as valuable as treasure in heaven to countless souls around the world.
Urim Books has published his 112 books and 45 of them were translated into 75 languages. Many translations were printed into 766 books in 63 languages and published into 899 books in an electronic form in 66 languages. It also produced a total of 31 audiobooks.
Pastor Jaerock Lee has dedicated his life to preaching the gospel to every corner of the earth with an earnest desire to lead all peoples of all nations to salvation and to raising God’s true children worthy of entering the City of New Jerusalem in heaven. Now he was called to God and is in His arms, but his faith and teachings are deeply engraved in our hearts. We hope to see him in the City of New Jerusalem in heaven before Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ.




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