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Those having fellowship with God
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How happy you would be when your child empathizes with you and shares sincere love with you! It is the same with God who is Light. He wants us to walk in the Light and share intimate fellowship with Him as His loving child. Those who walk in the Light can share lovely exchanges with God forever, so we need every effort to come forth as His true children who can understand His heart and share everlasting lo ...

[Memorial Message] Memorial messages are sent from 40 countries! May all press on toward the goal with the gospel of holiness!

Manmin News   No. 760
February 11, 2024

뼯 On Sunday, January 14, 2024, Pastor Jongman Lee (Chairman of Christianity World Revival Mission Association) delivered a message at the memorial service for Pastor Jaerock Lee. He said in his message, 쏱astor Jaerock Lee was sincere and humble. He was full of kindness and love. He was a precious servant of God, and by his prayers, many souls were healed and accepted the Lord. I hope Manmin Central Church will continually and boldly accomplish the vision God has given.

쏦is life was the best before God and a precious example to us

Pastor Sergey Bocharnikov (Spirit of Life Church, Nazareth of Israel)

When I first came to Manmin Central Church in 2005, I received a great welcome from believers. They served me excellently in everything. Every time Pastor Jaerock Lee saw me, he welcomed me warmly. He was truly kind and humble, so I wanted to imitate him. He showed us what the best before God is. His life was a great example to us and I believe it is the most important goal in our lives.

쏧srael was blessed by his love and devotion

Pastor Shlomy Abramov (Awake Israel Church, Jerusalem of Israel)

Pastor Jaerock Lee loved Israel so much. He visited Israel frequently for three years from 2007 and performed his Israeli ministry with love and devotion.
He led Israeli Christian churches and many Jews to the path of blessing, and many of us received the Lord셲 great love and blessings. His steadfast love for Israel gave us great strength and we could move forward. We appreciate his love and dedication.

쏮anmin is built on the foundation of truth

Missionary Jane Mphologoma (London Manmin Church, UK)

Before I came to Manmin Church, I was ill for years and had lost all hope. Because there was no solution medically, my stomach could not digest food. When I met Pastor Jaerock Lee, he prayed for me and I had such a feeling to testify my stomach moving. I felt very much hungry and carefully said to someone near to me 쏧셫 so hungry. I want to eat. My husband said, 쏡on셳 do that please. You cannot eat. We moved to dinner and ate just Korean food for the first time. I ate three plates and nothing happened.
When I first met the late Pastor Jaerock Lee, his character touched my heart. When we first came here, I saw a very big ministry. I never expected to find such a humble servant of God. The way he welcomed us touched my whole body. I had a lot of questions and I had too many talks very fast. But he answered my questions with respect and huge humbleness.
I just want to tell you that Manmin Church is built on the foundation of the truth. Senior Pastor has left a lot of books which are translated into foreign languages and so many recorded teachings. Through Daniel Prayer Meetings, we are set free.
God is performing so many miracles because Manmin Church is built on the foundation of God셲 words of truth. We have to go out to the world and preach the gospel of truth and the holiness gospel of Manmin with no shame whatsoever. We are saying the truth and the truth will set us free.

쏬et us press on with the holiness gospel, our spiritual treasure

Pastor Alexandru Tabaranu (Moldova Manmin Church, Moldova)

I would like to affirm that I could not have been here without Pastor Jaerock Lee. There was no hope within me but I began listening to his sermons and finally my life could change. So, I read his sermon scripts, meditated on them, and planted them into my heart. And I tried my best to put them into action.
The life of Apostle Paul is featured with sacrifice, and he wrote many Scriptures of the New Testament. After he died, his followers continued to read, meditate on, and engrave them into their heart considering them as God셲 words. In the same way, Pastor Jaerock Lee left behind the holiness gospel. We have to hold fast to his teachings to accomplish the kingdom of God and His righteousness and do our best to live by his teachings.
Who could dare say they should get rid of sinful nature hidden in heart? Only the holiness gospel presents us a signpost to throwing away sin and becoming sanctified to be pleasing to God. We all who have realized true value of the holiness gospel should be transformed by the teachings of holiness, come forth as God-pleasing children, and accomplish our God-given duties in the end time.




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