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I was completely healed of otitis media in 66 years!
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I have suffered otitis media for 66 years from the age of 8. One day in my childhood, I felt water entering into the right ear in shampooing. Since then, I started itching in it, and pus and fluid oozed out. In 1950s Korea was faced with war and economic difficulty and I could never dare go to hospital while living in a countryside. ...

“My broken bones and tendons were recovered and made well!”

Manmin News   No. 761
April 07, 2024

Pastor Deokbun Seo (60, Parish 13 in Manmin Central Church)

On Saturday, November 28, 2020, I came across a climbing accident. I was calling the phone in climbing and stumbled on a root. Afterwards I developed a severe pain in the left shoulder and could not move the left arm. I thought I had a mere muscle ache.
However, the pain did not subside even after a week, so I went to a nearby hospital on Saturday, December 5 and got an X-ray. The doctor said it was a serious injury and referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic ultrasound result showed the left humerus fracture.
The end of my left shoulder blade broke and dislocated, and the tendon was swollen. The doctor said that I might need a surgery depending on the progress.
I humbled myself and looked back on the past days in prayer. I relied on God’s power. On Monday, December 7, I received a prayer from Manmin Prayer Center President Boknim Lee and eagerly prayed for my healing at a Daniel Prayer Meeting. Then, severe pain soon subsided.
Next day I went to the doctor’s appointment and the doctor was so surprised at the test result, which showed the synarthrosis of the broken bones and tendons. Hallelujah!
On December 31, I attended New Year Service 2024 and received a prayer from Senior Pastor Soojin Lee with faith. The Holy Spirit’s fire flashed through my whole body including the left arm and I could move my arm freely. I give all thanks and glory to God for He healed me through the handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11-12) and Senior Pastor’s prayer.

Simple X-ray

Before prayer: Fracture of the left humerus

After prayer: Synarthrosis of the fractured part




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