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쏧 was healed of bronchial asthma that had plagued me for 67 years!
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I was completely healed of otitis media in 66 years!

Manmin News   No. 762
May 12, 2024

Honorary Senior Deaconess Youngae Ko (74, Parish 11 in Manmin Central Church)

I have suffered otitis media for 66 years from the age of 8. One day in my childhood, I felt water entering into the right ear in shampooing. Since then, I started itching in it, and pus and fluid oozed out. In 1950s Korea was faced with war and economic difficulty and I could never dare go to hospital while living in a countryside.
I didn셳 even have soft tissues or swabs to wipe the ear, so I crumpled up scrap paper and tried to wipe. But it didn셳 work well, and I tore some cotton balls from a blanket.
Symptoms continued and I had to suffer chronic otitis media even in adulthood. I couldn셳 expect any medical treatment but instead carried swabs in pocket all the time. Whenever it itched, I scratched it and wiped it with swabs.
The first Divine Healing Meeting of this year was scheduled on January 26, and I earnestly asked for God셲 healing at a vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting. It happened on January 16. While I was praying to be filled with the Holy Spirit, the holy fire flashed through my whole body. I felt the right ear scorched by the fire of the Spirit and it looked like flushed. I became convinced of God셲 healing, filled with joy and emotion.
Afterwards I no longer itched in the right ear, and pus stopped oozing out. My 66 years of suffering came to an end because otitis media was completely healed.
I give all thanks and glory to the Lord for He led me to meet God the Healer who is recorded in Exodus 15:26.




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