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“I was healed of bronchial asthma that had plagued me for 67 years!”
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I suffered from whooping cough at 17. Since then, I have been short of breath and have always had a hard time waking up in the morning with phlegm stuck in my throat. ...

It’s like a dream that I was recovered from the emergency of death!

Manmin News   No. 762
May 12, 2024

Brother Seoyong Kwon (50, Parish 12 in Manmin Central Church)

In early November 2023, I had persistent hacking coughs and took cold medicine. But there was no improvement, and it went worse and worse. I could hardly sleep and I ached the chest. I abruptly felt exhausted.
At around 9 p.m. on December 21, I came across acute respiratory syndrome, and wandered at the threshold of death alone for 2 hours until my wife returned home. She hurriedly called the 119 service, and I was sent to the emergency room on a ventilator.
CT scan result showed allergic acute asthma and pneumonia. Next day, I was transferred to the intensive care unit unconscious at 2 in the afternoon.

My wife took picture of me in ICU and came to Senior Pastor Soojin Lee with that photo shortly after the Sunday evening service on December 24. She prayed for me laying her hand on it. After that, I got improved quickly, and when my wife visited me early morning next day, I began to move and could respond. On December 26, I opened my eyes and recognized people. I came off the artificial respirator and started food supply intravenously.
Next day on Wednesday I could speak a little, and on Thursday I was transferred to a general ward. On December 30, I was discharged and able to walk alone. On January 8, I could go to work normally.
It looked like a dream. I felt like I was born again with the love of the Lord, and now everything feels new and fresh and all the moments are precious.
What an amazing grace of God it is that my wife narrowly found me dying of acute asthma and pneumonia and I was restored to normal only in 9 days through Senior Pastor’s prayer! Now I am doing well every day in His grace. I give all thanks and glory to God.




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