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“I’m so glad that I can wear sneakers without pain now!”
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It happened in 2020. One day it looked like a thorn got stuck in the right middle toe and I looked into it closely. But nothing was found there. The pain got worse with the passing of time and later I couldn’t bear whenever my toes touched anything. ...

“I was healed of bronchial asthma that had plagued me for 67 years!”

Manmin News   No. 763
June 02, 2024

Deaconess Junhwan Kim (84, Chinese Parish 1 in Manmin Central Church)

I suffered from whooping cough at 17. Since then, I have been short of breath and have always had a hard time waking up in the morning with phlegm stuck in my throat.
Whenever I caught a cold, my trash was full of soft tissues due to my runny nose and phlegm. At that time, as medical technology was not advanced, I could not receive specialized treatment for my bronchial tubes and took only injections, thereby resulting in many injection traces on the buttocks and blood vessels.
Later I joined in Manmin Central Church and my life changed through the words of life and prayer and I was healed of various diseases such as high blood pressure, enteritis, and arthritis. But my chronic illness, bronchial asthma still tormented me.
In March 2024, in preparation of a Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting, I was reminded of God’s healing of many diseases and believed that God would heal me of bronchial asthma. I harbored a strong desire of it. I attended the Daniel Prayer Meeting for 21 days from March 11 and prayed earnestly for the divine healing of bronchial asthma.
On the first day, God’s grace came upon me like waterfall, and every night my heart was so much fervent and my body became so hot by the holy fire of the Spirit so that my clothes were soaked with sweat.
This happened to me every night and one day I felt my throat clearing up. After that, coughing, phlegm, and disorder of breath were completely gone. Bronchial asthma of 67 years was healed.
I am so happy that I can sing praises loudly and cry out in prayer freely. I give all thanks and glory to the Lord who has blessed me to meet the living God and lead a joyful life in faith.




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