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I was completely healed of otitis media in 66 years!
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I have suffered otitis media for 66 years from the age of 8. One day in my childhood, I felt water entering into the right ear in shampooing. Since then, I started itching in it, and pus and fluid oozed out. In 1950s Korea was faced with war and economic difficulty and I could never dare go to hospital while living in a countryside. ...

My only daughter who had Down syndrome has become smart and speaks well now

Manmin News  
September 20, 2004

How can one express the heart of parents who have children with disability? I would like to give thanks and glory to God and give courage and hope to many people through my daughter's testimony who is living a new life after meeting the living God while she was going through despair and pain.

I met God while I was living a life of despair, worshipping idols.

It was 11 years ago. I could not have the baby for many years after the marriage, and finally I gave a birth at the age of 40. But the joy was momentary, and soon something unexpected happened.

"The baby is having the Down syndrome."
(Ref: Down syndrome is a kind of mental weakness caused by a defect in chromosome. It usually happens with an old mother giving birth for the first time. It happens 1 out of 600-700 times.)
I did not even know that there was such a disease, and they kept it secret for my stability's sake. The baby also had a whole in her middle wall of her heart and received an operation. As time passed by, I had to teach her every single thing in daily life, and I tried so many methods to educate her, but the result was minimal. If I scolded her with frustration, she would make her face as if she were saying, "Mom, I can't do as I want." And it was so painful in my heart. Also, it was impossible to express my feeling when I saw my
daughter being left out by her friends because of her abnormal actions in neighborhood and kindergarten.

I worshipped idols with passionate heart for my daughter and used all kinds of worldly methods, but I could not get away from the miserable life. One day, my husband brought a pastor, and he told us that God considers worshipping idols so abominable. So we decided to throw away the idols and attend a church.
3 months after we began to attend a church, I experienced seeing a vision and met the living God. When I realized that my daughter's disease was the love of God that allowed it to save me who was living in the worldly pleasures, I could accept all the pains so far with thanks.

Realizing the love of God, trying to live a good Christian life

So even though I was a new believer, I offered tithes and thanks offerings as much as I could and tried to pay back the grace of God. I served God faithfully because I was convinced that the living od alone could heal my daughter. But I was spiritually thirsty in one side of my heart, and nobody could quench my thirst. When my daughter grew up to go to the elementary school, I was much more concerned and prayed continually.
"God, please let her meet good teachers and adapt to the school life well."
In March 2001, I went to meet her guidance teacher since it was the beginning of my daughter's 2nd grade, and came to know that she was attending Chun-an Manmin Church. She came to know about my daughter's situation, and introduced to me about Manmin Joong-ang Church and Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee. At that time, I had a kind of prejudice because of distorted, discriminated report of MBC, so I came back home and prayed to God about that.
And God let me realize that Manmin Joong-ang Church is a true church of God, and Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee is a true shepherd of God. I was sure that he could quench my spiritual thirst if he really was a true shepherd, and I registered at Chun-an Manmin Church, and attended the 2-week Continuous Special Revival Meeting with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee held in May.

Meeting a true shepherd who could quench my thrist

While I was listening to the messages through the satellite service under the subject "Come and see the evidences of the living God", the river of the water of life was flowing in my heart. It was the word of life that I had not been able to hear anywhere else, and at that time I met God the healer.
I had such severe pains all over my body caused by aftereffect of an operation, and I could not even walk properly, but after receiving Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick, all my pains were gone, and my high blood pressure became normal as well. Hallelujah!
While I was experiencing the word of life and the works of God's power, I often visited Seoul along with the members of Chun-an Manmin Church to meet Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and to hear his teachings. I tried to keep the proper relationship between the shepherd and the flock and received his prayer for my daughter Yuri every time.
On July 3, 2002, Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee conducted a 1-day special revival meeting at Gongju Manmin Church in Choong-nam province. I prepared offering with my heart and attended the meeting. After the message, I came to pray for repentance when we had a time to pray altogether. Later, I came to know that God let me repent so that He could answer to my prayers.
When I was returning after we received prayer for Yuri's Down syndrome, I could hear strong voice of the Holy Spirit saying, "Do not receive prayer for
Yuri's Down syndrome any more." At that time, I was convinced that God remembered my prayers and healed Yuri.

Down syndrome healed by the word of life and the works of God's power

Then something amazing happened. Yuri, who could not even lift up her head when she went before Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, now could lift up her head and speak well. About 4 months later, I dreamed of a cat and was even more convinced about the healing.
In my dream, my daughter Yuri was hugging a cat as big as a dog, and a demon was in the cat. So I shouted to the people that a demon was in the cat. Then, the cat opened its mouth and said, "I don't need to stay here any more. I will go now." The cat then left from Yuri's arms and sat down at one corner quietly.
After I had this dream, Yuri changed so much. There had been no significant result even though I tried to educate her before, but now her speed of learning has increased so much. Also, the low IQ, which is a symptom of the Down syndrome, is not present now. So my family members who knew about Yuri could not help themselves from being so surprised. Through her healing, my mother, older sister and nephew registered at Busan Manmin Church.
Some people even ask, "Are you really Yuri?" listening to her talking on the phone. Moreover, she used to have many cold symptoms and body aches due to low immunity, but she is so healthy now. How joyful and thankful we are!
I give all thanks and glory to God who led us to the church of life, and I also give thanks to Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee who prayed for us until now. Also, I give thanks to Rev. Chulsoo Jung and his wife in charge of Chun-an Manmin Church, and all the members of Chun-an Manmin Church.




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