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쏮y broken bones and tendons were recovered and made well!
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On Saturday, November 28, 2020, I came across a climbing accident. I was calling the phone in climbing and stumbled on a root. Afterwards I developed a severe pain in the left shoulder and could not move the left arm. I thought I had a mere muscle ache. ...

쏦ealed of osteoporosis, back pain gone, and bent spine straightened

On June 16, 2023 I had severe back pain while going to work in the morning. I could hardly walk that day. Next day the pain was so serious t ...
Manmin News   No. 755
December 03, 2023
쏧 was healed of 15 years of arthritis I had suffered since my childhood

I have suffered arthritis for 15 years. When I was ten years old, I first felt pain in the fingers of my left hand, and the pain gradually s ...
Manmin News   No. 754
November 19, 2023
쏧 was healed of aftereffects of bowleg surgery and tinnitus

In July 2022, I fell and injured my leg while walking down the street. Since then, I had difficulty walking properly. A couple of days later ...
Manmin News   No. 754
November 19, 2023
Spiritual change, healing, and receiving answers by the amazing power

In February 2005, I first encountered Manmin Central Church셲 ministry at an NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) held in Los Angeles. At t ...
Manmin News   No. 752
October 15, 2023
Manmin Central Church is the best church Renewing the mind of people!

In 2009, when I was serving as assistant to the Minister of Natural Environment and Tourism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a colle ...
Manmin News   No. 752
October 15, 2023
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